1. If any one wants to join has to have a trophy minimum of 1400
  2. Leader or Co leader can invite any one whether of 1400 or less
  3. If anyone wants to join this clan having trophies less than 1400 have to take special permission from co leader or leader.
  4. No matter whatever league it is for high TH... as we don't believe in League.
  5. Player should have experience level and war stars according to given below:

    • TH 2- Experience level 6 and above  , War stars- 0 and above
    • TH3-  Experience level  12 and above , War stars- 10 and above
    • TH4-  Experience level 20 and above , War stars- 30 and above
    • TH5-  Experience level 30 and above , War stars- 50 and above
    • TH6- Experience level 45 and above , War stars- 75 and above
    • TH7- Experience level 55 and above , War stars- 120 and above
    • TH8- Experience level 67 and above , War stars- 180 and above
    • TH9- Experience level 80 and above , War stars- 250 and above
    • TH10-Experience level 100 and above , War stars- 300 and above
    • TH11-Experience level 120 and above , War stars- 420 and above.
  1. If a player wants to join but didn't fullfill the above requirements , then he/she have to directly talk with leader by sending a joining request regarding all his/her problems
  2. If anyone joined these clan and not seen the eligibility criterion won't be taken to war.

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