Rules and Regulations
  1. No hoppers.
  2. All have to respect Co leaders n leader.
  3. No abusive words.
  4. Hindi and English only.
  5. Donate what is requested.
  6. Donate before request policy for new comers. According to this policy new comers have to donate first before requesting for troops.
  7. Complaint should be told to Co leaders only.
  8. Be active.
  9. Every member of the clan has to request for troops every time whether it's for multiplayer attack, war attack, or for defence as this will help to increase the donation ratio and to help us to understand how much you are active.
  10. War rules should be maintained.
  11. TH6 and lower need not to donate.
  12. TH7+ should have a donation ratio of 1:2.
  13. Rushed base are also welcomed.
  14. Joining requests should be declined only after giving a solid reason, the one who declines requests for no reason will be demoted.
  15. This is not a sexual enjoyment clan. One who find talking/discussion/enjoying this clan for sex or sexy people will straight away kicked out by the clan. Gay, lesbian are not allowed. Only normal descent male and female are allowed.
For promotions plz refer to promotion section in home page or click here.

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