Rules for Co-Leaders
There will co leaders according to clan donations mentioned in the promotion page.
Congratulations to our new co leaders L@K$HY@ in May 2017.
Rules for Co-leader
  1. They shouldn't start war as war department is maintained by Sanyal Brothers/Sanyal. If Sanyal Brothers/Sanyal allows him to help in wars then only Co Leaders will interfere in war.
  2. Donation ratio should be more.
  3. They shouldn't kick any people for fun.
  4. They has to help other player in clan.
  5. They has to handle clan whenever he is online.
  6. They can demote a people is anyone disrespects him.
  7. They had to take complaints from other members.
  8. They had to follow the rules of Sanyal Brothers/Maddy.
  9. They can't make new rules but he has to give new ideas.
  10. They can't make his a/c rush(If he has single a/c)
If he disobey any of the above rules ,he will be demoted and will be promoted in next election.

Our Co Leader(s)
  1. Inferno
  2. L@K$HY@

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